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Now available at Jessica Bishop available at Jessica Bishop Featured Reward at Huggies Enjoy the Ride Jessica Bishop Designs, LLC was born in 2004 by Terri Bittner, a buyer, business woman and busy mom. Unimpressed with cutesy pink and basic non-functional bags, Terri sought to fill a void in the marketplace by designing durable, well-organized and fashionable bags that can go from the changing table to the boardroom with style.

Jessica Bishop offers a line of contemporary, versatile designs at affordable prices with name-brand recognition. Each multi-purpose bag, offers a solution to today's active, chic woman. The Jessica Bishop line targets women who want to express their style while staying organized as they juggle their many and ever-changing roles in life.

The cleverly designed bags are perfect for accommodating your business accessories, from folders and portfolios to PDAs and DVDs, as well as all your essentials including cell phone, wallet, keys, cosmetics and snacks. The Jessica Bishop line offers women the best of both worlds the highly organized bag that their busy lives demand matched with the superior style that they deserve. Jessica Bishop's bags, with their beautiful fabrics, attention to detail and elegant designs, are the do-it-all bag for the multi-tasking woman.

Life can be messy, full of surprises and disorganized at times - your bag shouldn't be. A JB bag is the perfect accessory to help you keep it all together. And never again will you have to compromise fashion for function.

Jessica Bishop is also a designer of promotional bags for larger clients that require a minimum order of 1,000-5,000 pieces.

"Jessica Bishop bags have become my favorite baby shower or birthday gift for friends. Whatever stage of life you are at, a JB bag meets all your needs, from toting diapers, snacks and wipes, to carrying your portfolio and multimedia for that big work presentation. I only wish it were this easy to be so organized and stylish in all the other aspects of my life!"

- Wendy from Wisconsin

Jessica Bishop Cosmopolitan Backpack Messenger BagJessica Bishop Signature Personal Bag